Our Bookkeeping Services

Good bookkeeping forms a solid foundation for the success of your business. It often involves processing, organising, and storing daily transactions which can take up a large amount of time. Titus Accounts aims to help you keep your business successful and profitable with efficient and reliable bookkeeping services.

For many businesses, bookkeeping is tiresome and time-consuming. Small businesses can spend up to 20% of work time on bookkeeping. This is time that would be much better spent on marketing, service and product development, or other key areas of running a business.

HMRC Bookkeeping Obligations
The government now requires all businesses to keep “true and fair’ financial and accounting records. Failure to do so can result in fines of up to £3000. For small companies, that is a devastating figure.

HMRC also requires you to record receipts and invoices of all monies sent and received including detailed reports of assets and debts. At Titus Accounts, we specialise in reliable and efficient bookkeeping services, ensuring information is formatted within the guidelines of HMRC.

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    Gary Kearley
    Gary Kearley
    12:23 06 Apr 22
    Sent an unsolicited email to my work email address offering services by changing accountants - complete unchecked... marketing technique as we are a firm of accountants! Please do not send anything to me again..GDPR?read more
    Pete Smith
    Pete Smith
    14:39 21 Mar 22
    Never used them. Never will do either. They have hold of my email address from somewhere, and are spamming me. That is... one way to guarantee 100% that I will actively avoid a company, and will tell all my contacts to avoid them as well. Congratulations.read more
    Barnaby Davies (EastguidesWest)
    Barnaby Davies (EastguidesWest)
    11:30 25 Aug 21
    Titus Accounts have always reviewed financials for my potential acquisitions promptly and professionally. Jack has... personally called me with industry advice and solutions. Recommended and 5 stars.read more
    Zack Gray
    Zack Gray
    13:27 09 Jun 21
    Cold calling our personal company emails trying to secure business. Not appreciated
    ADC Property
    ADC Property
    09:33 13 Mar 21
    Great Accountants, friendly and always available for a call outside of normal business hours as well. Highly... recommendedread more
    Giles Coghlan
    Giles Coghlan
    10:34 10 Feb 21
    Excellent value, very responsive, professional and friendly in communications. What more could you want in a company?... Very pleased that Titus Accounts takes care of our accounting for my financial company.read more
    Patrick Shaw
    Patrick Shaw
    11:19 19 Jan 21
    I've always found Titus Accounts to be very helpful, responsive and professional, and frequently going beyond their... duty in the interests of my business. Their high-quality and personalised support to me as a new business owner has been particularly valuable. I shopped around before settling on Titus Accounts; I have absolutely no regrets and consider them excellent value for money.read more
    17:55 08 Jan 21
    Titus Accounts have provided my company with a very professional service, the accountants within the company have a... wide knowledge and will go beyond their duty to resolve issuesread more
    Graham whittaker
    Graham whittaker
    09:23 13 Jan 18
    An absolute pleasure of a company to work with. I approached then with an issue I was having and needed help with, The... issue was resolved and rectified with in a short amount of time which saved me a huge amount of stress. I couldn’t thank them enough and will most certainly be recommending to whom ever I can.read more
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    Titus Accounts Customised Bookkeeping

    • On-site Bookkeeping

      On-site Bookkeeping Services

      In this plan, Titus Accounts Bookkeeping experts come to your business location. You can also opt for regular or scheduled bookkeeping services. On-site bookkeeping is often more convenient for large businesses and corporations.

    • Off-site Bookkeeping

      Off-site Bookkeeping Services

      You can also take advantage of our software and online bookkeeping resources. We offer you cloud-based facilities through which you can send your financial records securely. A professional Titus Accounts bookkeeping expert will prepare your accounts and send them back to you safely.

      Some of our remote bookkeeping software includes VBooks, an efficient accounting platform designed to help you reduce paperwork. With VBooks, you can design and create invoices online, check outstanding debts and bills, and even track your earnings.

      VBooks software is compatible with your tablet and smartphone so you always have your business at your fingertips.

    • Combined Bookkeeping Services

      Combined Bookkeeping Services

      We can also offer a combination of on and off-site bookkeeping services to cater for your unique business needs. Our team comes to your location to discuss your bookkeeping needs and does the actual work offsite to save time and resources.

      Our Bookkeeping Services
      Our tasks as bookkeepers typically include:

      ● Billing of goods and services
      ● Recording monies received
      ● Recording suppliers’ invoices
      ● Paying suppliers
      ● VAT records
      ● VAT submissions
      ● Recording day to day financial transactions

      At Titus Accounts, we go above and beyond to ensure your business is running at optimum efficiency. We also update you before submissions are due to ensure you never miss a deadline. With us, you can enjoy personalised bookkeeping services that cater to your specific business’ needs.

      Titus Accounts has the capacity, resources and experts to help you keep accurate business records.


    Read Our Business Accounting FAQ’s

    • What type of businesses do you work with?

      At Titus Accounts we work with a variety of business types including sole traders, contractors, SMEs and larger organisations. We tailor all of our services to suit individual requirements, therefore whatever level of service you require, we are here to assist you.

    • How much do your services cost?

      We offer a range of different services and provide bespoke packages to each client depending on the options they require. We are also able to scale our services to suit a growing business. Contact our team to discuss our different packages and pricing options.

    • Can I talk with you and meet directly?

      Yes, our friendly team are here to assist you. We work to fit around your busy schedule and ensure each of our clients have a dedicated accountant who is their point of contact. We are able to provide online and face-to-face meetings where required.

    • Do you assist with VAT queries?

      Our experienced VAT team are responsible for responding to our client’s VAT queries and ensuring that all deadlines and guidance from HMRC are met. We also ensure our customers are able to make the most of any allowances available to their business.

    • Do you provide financial planning services?

      We provide tax planning and financial advice services for growing businesses who want to expand and even generate investment. We have an experienced team on hand to help with preparing audits and documentation on the financial position of the business.

    How we can help your business

    VAT Services

    Our qualified accountants calculate and report VAT to ensure your business is running efficiently and in compliance with all business and legal regulations.


    Our team of experienced accountants ensure things run smoothly on a daily basis for your company with our efficient and reliable bookkeeping services.

    Accounts and Tax

    For many small businesses, taxes and accounting can be complex however with Titus Accounts you can feel confident your finances are being managed properly.

    Corporate Accounting

    Whether you need financial risk analyses, auditing, business planning, or financial statements, we offer the necessary support to underpin your business’ growth.

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